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Just one website theme? Yes. Custom coded websites are time consuming and expensive, and why reinvent the wheel when perfect already exists? For any small to medium business X Theme is the top option. It has earned the 2016 WordPress Web Theme of the Year award and in today’s world, WordPress is the engine that powers over 25% of the web.

Websites are no longer a thing of the future. The future is already here. Fully customizable, X Theme is both elegant swan and powerful stallion among themes, expertly supported and… it’s budget-friendly! We work with the best because, like you, we want the best for our business. With X we build modern, fully responsive websites that work for you and your customers. More about our worldwide web services here.

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Parental Control

What can you do to limit your children’s online experience when life demands they have access to the online information -and communication resource? While there is no perfect protector, there are a few measures you can put into place to protect them from inappropriate material. Parental controls can consist of filtering and blocking; blocking outgoing mail, limiting time spent online, and other monitoring tools. If you’re concerned about your children or grandchildren’s time spent online, or how they share information, read more here about we can help or contact us for a consultation.

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