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Websites are no longer a thing of the future. The future is already here and has brought expectations. Different generations approach the use of the Internet in different ways. From the way a user surfs the Internet for information, to the social media platforms they use to find the services you offer, every detail matters in the approach to your online business presence. A good website is never stagnant. A good website combined with healthy business practices, becomes a partner in your workforce. 

We use X|the Theme to build creative, modern, and fully responsive websites that work for you and your customers. Fully customizable, X Theme is both elegant swan and powerful stallion among themes, expertly supported and budget-friendly! Custom coded websites are time consuming and expensive, so why reinvent the wheel when perfect already exists?

Creating websites for any small to medium business, we only work with the top option. X Theme has earned the Wordpress Web Theme of the Year award for several years in a row now, and in today's world, Wordpress is the engine that powers over 25% of the web. We work with the best because, like you, we want the best for our business. More about our comprehensive worldwide web services here.

Our latest multi-language project has LAUNCHED!


How to use our Marketing eBook

March 19, 2019By webservices

Let's keep this introduction very simple! We wrote our little ebook simply to provide information on the techniques you can apply to your Vendéen (or any) small business to gain more attention on social media...

Why your Website matters more than ever

March 4, 2019By webservices

So, here's a question: before the Internet, would you ever have considered starting a business without being listed in the Yellow Pages? Recently, during a business lunch with a group of fellow small business...

Your Business with Google

January 29, 2019By webservices

If you're one of those small business proprietors who haven't figured why you and Google should be like two peas in a pod, you are not alone! AND this blog post is definitely for you. In our blog post Why your...

How To Stretch Your Gaming Budget

May 20, 2017By webservices

Kids (and adults) love gaming, and we live in a golden age for gamers. Thousands of games are released each year for computers, phones, tablets, and consoles. Newly released, “AAA” games from major...

Should You Be Using Ad Blocking Software?

March 1, 2017By webservices

More Internet users are employing Ad-blocking software than ever. Of course, a primary reason for installing Ad-blocking software is to avoid the interruption, irritation, and distraction that ads can cause....

5 Reasons Your French Connection Could Be Slow

February 20, 2017By webservices

Internet access has become more of an expectation and necessity than a privilege. The only thing worse than an Internet outage is sloooow access, even in tranquil, rural France. If your service is absent, you...

A must read about Malvertising

February 20, 2017By webservices

While we write our own blog posts to share information with you, we are also always on the lookout for articles and blog posts by other experts who do a good job of explaining aspects of technology that we...

Need to know about Ransomware

February 15, 2017By webservices

Even for IT people, the notion of this particular malware is super scary. Most of the time we know what to do and how to handle malware, but ransomeware, involves true criminal activity. The consequences of...

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What can you do to limit your children's online experience when life demands they have access to the online information -and communication resource? While there is no perfect protector, there are a few measures you can put into place to protect them from inappropriate material. Parental controls can consist of filtering and blocking; blocking outgoing mail, limiting time spent online, and other monitoring tools. If you're concerned about your children or grandchildren's time spent online, or how they share information, read more here about we can help or contact us for a consultation.

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