Parental Control


What are parental controls?

The Internet is an amazing information resource, with free media of all sorts only a search or shared link away. It’s also a place to communicate with people all over the world, both friends and strangers. Media you may not consider to be age-appropriate for your child or grandchild is easily available. They may access sites which allow communication with strangers, including the exchange of pictures or video.

But what can you do to limit their online experience when life demands that children have access to the online information and communication resource? The truth is there is no perfect control to ensure that your child or grandchild never sees inappropriate material. But, you can gain some measure of control over the PC’s in your home.

We can assist you in understanding and applying a variety of family features, including:

  • Web Filtering – blocks access to adult websites and enables safe search
  • Activity Reporting – parents can obtain a list of visited sites, usage time
  • Screen Time – parents can limit/schedule usage time
  • Enforce Limits on apps and media – for film, game, app marketplaces

Cost: Free phone consultation; service €35/hr
Location: anywhere in the Vendée and Deux-Sèvres areas. Transportation fee applies.

Consider your children
& grandchildren’s online safety!


We address issues preventing Windows Updates from working, and assist in choosing and installing anti-virus software. Whether we find malware on your PC or not, when we touch it, it will be updated and basic anti-virus protection installed.