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We can help you with new network installations, connectivity issues, security and family safety.  For WIFI networks, we can assist with coverage and issues with access, including the handling of large numbers of guests or dealing with signal problems resulting from thick-=walls in your maison ancienne.

Our team expert, Price Hall, has over thirty years of experience with computer networking.  He’s built and supported networks of all sizes, from small home/office situations to community networks with tens of thousands of stations.  No matter the size of your home or business, he can solve network issues of any kind.

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Providing WIFI access for your guests at your restaurant, B&B, or campground is not as simple as sharing your WIFI password. Concerns about security, capacity, coverage, and liability grow rapidly as the number of guests increases. We can help you establish WIFI service for your guests, expand your WIFI coverage and capacity, or resolve problems with your current system.

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Home Networking

Practically every software we use now uses the network to communicate. We can help you establish your Internet connection, secure your WIFI and ensure whole-house coverage. We will connect devices such as printers, tablets, phones, game consoles, and televisions/media streaming devices.
If your Internet Access is slow, please check our blog post “5 Reasons Your French Connection Could Be Slow” and find out more about what we can do to help.


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Click the images for more information about malware, viruses and how we can help you to bring your personal computer back to being its healthy self; and if you’re concerned about your children or grandchildren online, check out how we can help install family safety parental controls. Our PC Health Clinic and Parental Control services are available in the Vendée and Deux-Sèvres areas. Expats, contact us!