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Computer viruses and other malware take control of your PC and subvert it, and possibly yourself, for profit or resources. Malware can cause intrusive, potentially fraudulent advertising to appear on your system. Your computer might be made to join a ‘botnet’ of compromised systems, acting at the beck and call of hackers carrying out cyber attacks. Your confidential information including financial and medical could be delivered to criminal enterprises. And perhaps worst of all, your system may become slow to respond.

A new threat comes with malware that takes your files hostage, encrypting them and demanding money to unlock them. This sort of malware is usually not possible to remove without submitting and paying the blackmail (some businesses have found it necessary!) Scroll down for our FREE ‘Field Guide to Malware’ guide.

The best defense is to ensure your system is updated,
and to use a robust anti-virus software.

We can address issues preventing Windows Updates from working, and assist you in choosing and installing anti-virus software. Whether we find any malware on your PC or not, it will be updated and basic anti-virus protection installed.

The majority of malware can be removed from PC’s successfully without loss of data. Some malware actively fights to prevent removal, preventing your PC from accessing web sites necessary to fix the problem. Often, multiple scans using different software are required to find and remove malware. Infected systems may require hours of time by the clock to remedy, due to the duration of these scans. For these reasons, removing malware is best performed in a specialized environment – so we prefer to take your laptop or desktop to our “clinic” for the remediation.

If you’ve been infected, it is important to know what the action of the software may have been – if there are possibilities of identity theft, for example. We will provide a report of what we find and remove, and explain what is important to know about the specific malware found. In the event that your system is not possible to remedy, we can perform full system rebuilds provided you have your original MS Windows install media or a “reset” disk from your PC manufacturer, or you purchase a new copy of MS Windows.

Cost: €35/ hr
Location: anywhere in the Vendée and Deux-Sèvres areas. Transportation fee applies.

Lean about different types of malware, preventive measures,
and what to do if your pc was compromised.

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