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Website. Chiots Airedale Terrier à vendre. Il est attaché à son maître, doux avec les enfants. Switzerland. Unfortunately, they are also known for having a low pain tolerance and determination that outweighs their drive for self-preservation. Il s'entend généralement bien avec les autres chiens et les enfants. The breed was revered for its versatility and for its courage and determination. Etalon. Meanwhile, their popularity in Europe and Russia increased as the dogs became increasingly popular for use as police dogs, military dogs, and service canines. It is a gift we give our dogs to build deeper relationships and allow them to fully integrate into our lives and activities. Airedale Terrier est un collectionneur actif de souvenirs humains. These dogs tend to be better tolerated by individuals who are allergic to dogs because they don’t shed. A perpetual Trophy that will honor the Airedale or Airedales receiving an OTCH Title during the previous year. 1. Not recognized by the American Kennel Club. Because they are the largest of the terrier group, Aires are referred to as the “king of terriers.”. Certains chiens de cette race peuvent cependant adopter un comportement destructeur en l’absence de leurs maîtres, ce qui peut s’avérer très problématique. Mitgliedsverbände / Member Organizations. The higher the qualifying score the more points earned. L’airedale terrier a été créé au Royaume-Uni aux alentours des années 1850 par des éleveurs de la vallée de l’Aire, dans la région du Yorkshire, pour chasser la loutre et les rongeurs. They do tend to slow down in adulthood, but they are late bloomers, so that won’t come until around the age of three or four. Beyond feeding a diet free from allergens and irritants, feeding a quality high-protein, high-fat diet can also help keep your Aires skin in optimal condition and health. While having your dog’s coat stripped instead and merely clipped is likely to help prevent some skin irritation, it may not be enough. Some of these Aires are more independent and stubborn than others. L'airedale terrier est une race de chien qui appartient au groupe des terriers. A now-extinct Black and Tan Terrier sometimes called Old English terrier or Broken-haired terrier may have been a progenitor of not only the Airedale, but perhaps also the Fox, Welsh, and Irish terriers. Epreuve de travail facultative. What to Consider Before Bringing Home an Airedale Terrier, Picking The Best Dog House Heater For Your Dog, The Akbash – Ultimate Breed Information Guide, The Belgian Shepherd – Your Ultimate Breed Information Guide, Dachsador Dog Breed: 15 Dachshund Lab Mix Things to Know, Colors: Tan with a black or grizzle saddle, Best suited for: Active owners who can provide their dog a job to do. Just as with children, make sure to socialize your pup early and often with dogs of all shapes and sizes so they will be more excepting of dogs as adults. If your Aire struggles with skin issues like many terriers, look for a diet that is free from common allergens and low-quality fillers and high in protein and fat from quality animal sources. The Airedale terrier may be hardheaded about obedience because of his independent character. But sometimes it is very difficult to make the dream come true. Airedale Terrier Spezialklub Österreich. Website. Many Aire pups have dark markings on their face when they are young but grow into a more traditional tan face as they get their adult coat. Aires tend to be easy keepers and will do well on any quality home-prepared raw or commercial diet. Their energy and larger size can make them a little much for very young children and babies, but they are naturally gentle and loyal to their family group. Because they are incredibly tolerant of pain and gentle with humans by nature, they tend to get along well with children, especially those old enough to play with. Il ramassera à peu près n’importe quoi (chaussettes, sous-vêtements, jouets pour enfants) à ajouter à sa réserve de trésors. Chiots. It was bred to be low maintenance. They do require quarterly or bi-yearly grooming however, to keep their coats from getting too long and frizzy. Like all terriers, the Airedale was independent of mind and capable of tracking and killing game without much input from their owner. Dogs with this type of coat don’t typically shed the way softer coated dogs do. Because of this and because of their size and athleticism, the dogs are often used by lowerclassmen to poach game on the estates of the upper class. L’Airedale a été créé vers 1850 par des éleveurs du Yorkshire, dans la vallée de l’Aire, à partir de croisements entre le chien loutre (Otterhound) et une race éteinte, l’ancien Terrier noir et feu (Old English Black and Tan Terrier). Airedale was used primarily for hunting otters, deer, or wild boars. These agile dogs make great jogging, hiking, and exploring companions. En tant que chien de travail à haute énergie, le Airedale Terrier a besoin d’ exercices quotidiens . Before German Shepherds became the breed of choice, Aires were frequently used by police forces in Brittan and Germany. Il est dense et dur comme du fil de fer en couverture, ainsi que légèrement ondulé, et plus doux au niveau du sous-poil. In the latter part of the 1800s, the first show classes for this breed took place. Obedience, Rally & Tracking; Agility; Hunting & Field; Barn Hunt; Versatility Awards; Your Airedale. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates. Il mesure en moyenne de 58 à 61 cm pour les mâles et de 56 à 59 cm pour les femelles. Like all terriers, the Airedale was independent of mind and capable of tracking and killing game without much input from their owner. Groupe : Groupe n°3 : Terriers. They make great watchdogs and will alert to trespassers while readily running up to unknown visitors. Un jour mon meilleur pote m'a offert une petite boule de poils qui avait 1 mois, aujourd'hui cette petite boule de poils à soufflé ces 16 bougies. Élevage Du domaine de Souvigny, éleveur professionnel agrée vous propose des chiots Airedale Terrier. This Sculpture is a one of a kind Bronze, and each winner will have a plate engraved with their dog’s name, the owner’s name and the date the OTCH title was earned. The dog park, doggy daycare, and doggy playdates are all great ways to tire out a sociable Aire. But these courageous hounds didn’t truly grow in popularity until the First World War. Aptitudes multiple, bon nageur, chasseur de canard, de loutre de sanglier et de gibier. Without proper stimulation and guidance, these extra-large terriers are likely to get themselves into trouble. Which is better: Airedale Terrier or Belgian Malinois Here are a few more breeds worth considering. Early Airedales had a similar look to many of the English terrier breeds of the time but were much larger. >>>Here are the best puzzle toys for your intelligent dog. Musclé, vif et couvert d’une fourrure gaufrée, le plus grand des terriers dégage une attitude déterminée par le biais de sa posture et de son regard. Son dos court, fort et élancé se termine d’un côté par une poitrine bien descendue et assez fine, et de l’autre par une queue portée joyeusement, traditionnellement écourtée d’un tiers. They are well-boned, squarely-built dog, and at all times a terrier in appearance and attitude. Events; What’s Happening; AKC New Title Holders; Charitable Trust; Regional Resources; Award Winners; More Links; Shopping; Products. Il est aussi appelé Waterside Terrier, Bingley Terrier, Working Terrier ou Warfedale Terrier. With proper socialization and attention, they make great family dogs and are highly adaptable to all different types of lifestyles. Solid colored Aires, usually tan or black, are known to exist but are not considered purebred by the AKC. While caution should be taken with all terriers around other furry family members, Aires tend to do better with cats and smaller animals than most. In general, the Aire is a healthy dog with ailments similar to other breeds in their weight class. Se… Obedience/Rally: condewhite@gmail.com Son poil est dur, dense et dru. Je suis pucée, stérilisée et mes vaccins sont à jour. The average purebred Airedale will cost you around $700, but quality show lines can go for as much as $7,000. As a utilitarian dog that is highly adaptable to a variety of lifestyles and jobs, the Airedale Terrier has rightfully earned its place as one of the most popular terrier breeds in the world. Une main de fer dans un gant de velours est nécessaire lorsqu'il est encore un jeune chiot. >>>Learn how to create your own dog first aid kit. all the terrier breeds and encompasses all the characteristics of this group of dogs, he is also known as the King of Terriers. Couleur: l'Airedale Terrier a une robe de couverture noire ou griffonnée du s… Once your dog has mastered a skill, move on to something new. 0 annonces de chiens et chiots airedale Originaire de l'Angleterre l'Airedale Terrier fut créé pour la chasse à la loutre. “Gus-04” Derek Key / CC BY 2.0. But stripping–a method of grooming used specifically on coarse coated breeds–removes these dead hairs using a serrated knife that catches on them and yanks them free. It is traditionally called the "King of Terriers" because it is the largest of the terrier breeds. Plan to enroll your pup in obedience classes right off the bat and then in agility or another high octane doggy sport once they are physically mature. That’s why they are so good at picking up random jobs and tasks. Here are some of the more common health issues you may see in your Airedale. They enjoy being with their families almost as much as they enjoy getting a job done. Il apprend très vite les ordres et est obéissant. Ses longues pattes parfaitement droites lui confèrent une allure harmonieuse et une silhouette carrée bien proportionnée.

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